Aidan Knight


2 Pentember, 147, Fifth Age







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Dirty blonde

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Family members

Alice Knight

Amicard Knight


Knight of the Varrock Guard (170-?)

Sir Aidan Knight (b. 2 Pentember, 147) was an adventurer born to Armillis and Alice Knight, best known for defeating Zamorak in the summer of the year 169 of the Fifth Age. He is known to have attended the Duel Arena School from the years 152 to 159. His education was cut short after he was asked to perform the Killing Curse on his first day of school and, upon being handed a bewitched wand, inadvertantly killed his father. After that incident, his teacher, Roald Remanis III, worked with his father King Roald II to wipe Aidan's mind of any recollection of the incident, his father, or his brother, Amicard.

Early LifeEdit

Aidan Knight was born just outside of the Asgarnian Woods, in a quaint little village in which he lived with his mother, father, and brother. He had one brother, Amicard Knight, who was two years older than him. At the age of two, Aidan's mother left his father in a hurry one night in 149. Since then, Aidan and Amicard had been raised by his father, up until his death on their first day of school, 159. Aidan was wiped of this memory and put into a house in Varrock where he lived for a long while afterward. Amicard was put into a home in Seers' Village, south of the bank, where he later opened his pub, "Amicard's".

Rangers' BowEdit

Aidan later was put on a quest when he was 21 to retrieve a legendary crystal bow for the Master Ranger
in the Rangers' Guild. He went to ask Drezil on the whereabouts of the bow, and Drezil said that an 'Archibald
Paldock' had it. Having no clue whatsoever who this was, Aidan and his friends went to search in the Varrock Castle Library to find the Book of Names. They soon learn that the Book of Names had been checked out by the very same, Archibald Paldock. The librarian informs them that Archibald comes in every morning at five o'clock to buy cake tins.

So the next morning Aidan, Matthew, and Mark wait for Archibald to come and buy his cake tins. They eventually find out that Archibald Paldock is none other than the Odd Old Man. Atop the Grand Exchange, they confront Paldock and figure out that he's been buying cake tins to use the metal to create his newest invention, one intended to destroy the Grand Exchange. He activates it and disappears, and the three begin to run. Aidan jumps off the roof and turns to hear an explosion as the Grand Exchange gets destroyed, and Matthew and Mark are inside getting burned alive.


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