The Asgarnian Woods is a forest that spans from the north border of Falador, all the way to the entrance of Taverley, which spans over one hundred miles. It is located in the kingdom of Asgarnia, and is known to be quite dangerous.

In the summer of 169, King Roald Remanis and Aidan Knight travelled through the Woods to meet the god of balance, Guthix. Upon arriving there, they encountered the Portal of Life and the Stone of Jas.

Aidan and King Roald later returned to the Woods in Wintumber, 169, to search for the queen and princess of Misthalin, after receiving word that Zamorak had brought them there from Sir Prysin. The whole journey was for naught, however, as they were led right into a surprise ambush, and later brought to Zamorak's encampment.


  • In the actual game of RuneScape, there is no such thing as the Asgarnian Woods. Instead, it is an open area, with a plain path leading from Falador to Taverley, as well as a few trees scattered here and there.


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