The Battle of Canifis was a short battle between Roald Remanis, Aidan Knight, Seth Fortis; the Varrock Guard and Simivance; and the Zamorakians that took place in Wintumber, 169. The Canifis citizens also came to fight, but did not do so for long.


After escaping from Zamorak's encampment, Aidan, Roald, and Seth travel through the Mort Myre Swamp to the home of Filliman Tarlock. There, they find Tarlock dead and the house destroyed. Aidan, unable to stand the stench and sight of the body, heads upstairs to rest for a moment, though he becomes instantly paralysed. Through this paristalsis, he witnesses the murder of Tarlock, and soon afterward passes out.

He wakes up later in Canifis in a pub with a terrible headache. He heads upstairs to find Roald sitting and reading a book. The two talk shortly about Filliman, as well as the Book of Names, and then Roald remembers the favour Duke Horacio offered him after his banishment. Deciding they should go to Lumbridge, they head out to the local runeshop.

There, Roald expects to meet his good friend Avery, though they actually find a quite hideous woman managing the counter. Roald speaks with her under the impression that she does not know he is Roald, but after she openly states that he is indeed, there comes a rumbling from outdoors.

The BattleEdit

Outside, they see a group of guards charging the village, with King Simivance at the head. Roald screams at them to turn around, but they run on. Not long afterward, the Zamorakians arrive at the scene and begin to battle with the Varrock guards. Roald, enraged, begins fighting as well, and soon personally duels with Simivance.

Aidan runs back into the runeshop to grab a staff and some runes and goes back outside to fight. Seth is outdoors now as well, flailing his abyssal whip about and choking the Zamorakians with it until they pass out.

The drunken citizens from the pub come out, now sober, and begin fighting, though after a few of them fall, the rest run back inside. The werewolves that inhabit the town also charge into battle, attacking both the Zamorakians and the guards. Aidan, fearing that the guards may turn into werewolves and overpower them, casts Ice Barrage on the wolves to freeze them, and then continues to fight.

Throughout the battle, the Zamorakians overwhelm the rest, severely lowering the Varrock Guard's numbers. When Zamorak himself finally arrives, Simivance commands the knights to leave, and they all teleport.

Zamorak addresses his followers, congratulating them, and ordering them back to the encampment. They oblige, leaving Zamorak with Aidan, Roald, and Seth.

Zamorak, intending this to be the last time he and Aidan ever meet, requests they duel a respectable one, without Roald's help, though he is cut short when a voice speaks to him. The voice tells them that Zamorak shall not murder another innocent soul upon the land of Gielinor, and then from the ground bursts a Guthix raptors, as well as the Stone of Jas. The raptor forms and morphs atop the Stone, and before they know it, Guthix is standing on top of the Stone of Jas.

Guthix ReawakenedEdit

There, Guthix reveals that Roald had never really violated the Edicts, but that it was in fact Simivance, wanting to start a war with the Morytanians, was the one to violate them.

Zamorak believes he had defeated Guthix in the year of 139, but Guthix says that It, Guthix, cannot die, for It is a god and immortal, something which Zamorak apparently did not know.

Guthix soon speaks to Gielinor, telling them how he is alive and how Simivance violated the Edicts. It also says that, if the Edicts ever were to be denied, that RuneScape would be remade.

True to Its word, Guthix reforms into his raptor-form and flies up, screeching. As the raptor explodes, the sound is so loud that it shakes the planet, and Gielinor is remade into nothing but a hollow, empty realm.


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