The Castle War between Aidan Knight and Zamorak was a legendary event that took place on 31 Fentuary, 169, in which various Varrockians fought against the Zamorakians. It ended with Aidan placing the Zamorak flag into the Saradomin's holder, defeating Zamorak and ending the match.


Roald Remanis sets Aidan Knight out on a quest to form the God Charm, an extraordinarily powerful object consisting of the Infinity Charm and the shards of Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak, of whose effects seem too incredible to speak.

After collecting all the components, Aidan and King Roald hike through the Asgarnian Woods to find Guthix. Along the way, they discover the Stone of Jas, which Aidan touches, unbeknown to Guthix or Roald. The two plan on to whom they should give the Stone, and they eventually settle on Saradomin.

Several days later, Aidan retrieves a letter that plainly says, "Castle Wars". He heads to the Varrock Castle and shows it to the king. King Roald suggests they go to the Castle Wars Arena, before being summoned by King Simivance back to a Kings' Council trial.

The Castle WarEdit

Aidan, along with his brother Amicard, his good friend Seth, more members of the Varrock Guard, and other Varrock citizens, wait in the Saradomin waiting room, as they listen to the Zamorakians battle cries from the other side.

As the battle starts, Aidan hurries out of the castle and starts to cross the rocks across the river, but is stopped as a boulder comes flying from the Zamorak castle, sending him flying. He runs back into the castle, down the ladder, and into the underground caverns. Down below, Aidan sees a group of Zamorakians marching down the corridor; he ducks into a shadowed corner and watches as they pass.

In the centre of the cavern, Aidan encounters Zamorak. With a puzzling statement concerning Aidan's mother and father, Zamorak casts a spell from his hand, but a man steps out in front of Aidan and absorbs it with his Faithful Shield; it was King Roald.

They sprint across to the Zamorak castle, and up to the tower where the flag is held, Zamorak right behind. Aidan makes it to the top first, but Zamorak is right behind. Out of nowhere, King Roald suddenly tackles Zamorak, ordering Aidan to jump off the castle. Aidan, clearly confused and awestruck by the command, decides to obey the king and jumps off; he safely lands on the ground.

Though away from Zamorak's reach, Aidan is nowhere near to safety. Atop the tower, Zamorak raises his hands, as the ground begins to shake, and he casts Vengeance. The Tormented Demon that had been terrorising Gielinor for months is revealed, and is now under Zamorak's control.

Aidan tries to shoot the Demon with his crossbow, but the bolts ricochet off an invisible forcefield, unable to injure the creature. King Roald, now on the ground with Aidan, takes the bow and sticks it into his Faithful Shield.

As the Demon chases Aidan, another boulder nearly misses him, but this time he falls into the hole and back into the caverns. Seconds later, Zamorak, King Roald, and Seth appear from the other tunnels, silence overtaking them. The king winks to Aidan, and Aidan knows what he is to do: He steps out from his tunnel and to the centre, taking the Infinity Charm and the god shards from his pocket. He clicks them together and it drops to the ground, shaking.

Out of the Charm flies Armadyl, landing on the Saradomin side; and then comes Bandos, landing with Zamorak; then Zaros, landing on the Zamorak side as well; and finally, Saradomin flies out from within and lands on his own side. The gold light emitting from the Charm fades and turns to green, and Guthix himself shoots out and lands directly in the middle, atop the Charm.

After Zamorak remarks that the gods have never before been united, the ground shakes again and a stone erupts from the ground, under Guthix: the Stone of Jas. Zamorak laughs, congratulating Aidan, but raises his staff to kill him. As Aidan closes his eyes, he hears a whistling noise and he opens them, watching as Zamorak's staff clatters to the ground.

King Roald encourages Aidan to go back to the Saradomin castle and win the game, and win the game they do.


After the match ends, Aidan, along with the rest of his team, win twenty tickets each for their heroic actions. Unbeknown to them, Zamorak remains in the caverns in immense pain. Zamorakin, fearing the mortals of Gielinor may see him in this state, he decides to summon one of his followers. After running through a list of names, he settles on Lucien, though he knows that Lucien is after the Stone of Jas, which still lies in the centre of the arena.

While Zamorak waits for Lucien, Saradomin returns to teleport the Stone. Soon after the god of peace leaves, Lucien arrives to revive Zamorak. Much to Zamorak's dismay, the Stone returns, and Lucien stares at it in awe.

Zamorak, impatient, forces all the power he still has left into his hand and forces Lucien over to him, and as Lucien lands upon him, most of the power he lost during the battle returns to him. Lucien, however, is still too powerful, and overrides Zamorak. Zamorak seemingly admits defeat, and Lucien slackens his grip on him.

At that moment, the god of chaos forces himself him and casts Vengeance, leaving the Stone of Jas and Lucien behind in the Castle Wars Arena.


  • While Guthix Sleeps (First appearance)
  • Through the Eyes of Guthix (Mentioned only)
  • Aidan Knight: The Wrath of Chaos (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to appear in flashbacks)