Queen Ellamaria Remanis is the queen of Misthalin and Varrock. She is the husband of King Roald Remanis III, with whom she has one child, Alison. Though starting out as a peasant living in West Ardougne, she grew famous with her marrying of Roald, and thus becoming the queen of Misthalin.

While Guthix SleepsEdit

Ellamaria never appears in the first novel, aside from a small cameo appearance in which she stuck her head out of the Varrock Castle to scream at Roald for disturbing her. Despite sticking her head out the window, she apparently did not see the broken statue of Saradomin, which Aidan Knight had just barely broken.

Through the Eyes of GuthixEdit

Ellamaria suddenly has a much larger role in the second novel. She appears in the second chapter, eating breakfast with her daughter, Alison, and Aidan Knight and King Roald. She asks Aidan how he is and how the snow is treating him, to which Aidan lies, saying that he's managed to deal with the snow, despite not stepping foot outside for a couple weeks.

After breakfast, King Roald excuses himself and Aidan so they can go speak in the former's study.

Ellamaria is briefly mentioned in the third chapter, as King Roald is admiring Aidan's magic tree outside his house. He tells Aidan of how he planted one in the queens garden the year before, but she made him cut it down, because she thought it looked ridiculous.

Appearing again, and for the last time for a while, Ellamaria is seen in the beginning of the fourth chapter, where she is seen holding her daughter and sobbing, as Varrock's citizens terrorise the city and castle.

Through a number of events involving a kidnapping and an encounter with Zamorak, King Roald and Aidan return to the Varrock Castle to collect Ellamaria and the princess and leave the city. Simivance tells them that they had placed the queen down in the courtroom, where they thought she'd be safer away from the fray. Upon arriving down there, however, they find Ellamaria to be gone, as well as former king of Camelot's, King Arthur's, cell broken open. And thus starts a long and perilous journey to rescue the queen and princess.

Despite not being seen to near the of the book, Ellamaria is mentioned numerous times. In the sixth chapter, knight Sir Prysin returns to King Roald with information concerning the queen's whereabouts: He tells Roald of how Zamorak has taken Her Majesty, and that they are residing in the Asgarnian Woods.

The next day, Aidan and Roald set out to find the kidnapped queen, and when they finally arrive in the Asgarnian Woods, they are ambushed by Zamorakians and brought to Zamorak's encampment, proving Prysin's recollections to be false.

There, they find no Ellamaria or Alison, and eventually escape. They arrive in Canifis, and after a battle with the Zamorakians, a catastrophic remaking, and an encounter with a Teleportation Association of RuneScape worker, they arrive in Lumbridge, where they meet and stay with Duke Horacio.

In the middle of the night, Aidan awakens from a horrifying dream. Frightened, sweating, and fully awake, he gets dressed and heads to the neighbouring villages, to see if he can find any information in the queen and princess.

While in Draynor Village, he is stopped by the Wise Old Man, who invites Aidan into his house. The two sit and talk for a while, and speak of Ellamaria's early life and her parents. Aidan learns that Ellamaria was once a peasant, and that she lived in West Ardougne, a city of crime and lowliless even before the plague.

The next morning, Aidan, Roald, Seth, and Horacio head to Rellekka, where Brundt the chieftain lives. There, Brundt reveals that Ellamaria and Alison actually came through Rellekka, but before he could get to them, they were taken by a hooded man, with muscly arms and tight, form-fitting robes.

As they arrive back in Lumbridge, they find a dead chef in the kitchen, who was killed for defying Zamorak and not revealing the whereabouts of Roald Remanis or Aidan Knight.

Later that night, the story cuts back to Zamorak and his problems. He is speaking with his aide, and his aide suggests that Zamorak is simply going to the wrong people, and Zamorak agrees. His aide then wonders if they should tell Aidan and Roald that they have them, and he gestures to the corner of the tent, where two women sat bound to poles, crying silently, and leaning their heads upon each other.

The next morning, Aidan and Seth have a talk about Zamorak and what could happen if he were to take over the world, much to Aidan's dismay. Suddenly, Aidan gets up and walks back into the castle, where he confronts King Roald. He asks him if he really wants to find his wife, to which Roald replies that Varrock is deserted, and to go back there would be foolish. After several failed attempts at winning over Roald, Aidan leaves, angered, and heads to Varrock, where he reencounters Ezra.

The two stay in Aidan's house for the night, and as they're eating breakfast the next morning, Aidan's house is broken-into, and Aidan is kidnapped and brought back to Zamorak's encampment.

There, Aidan awakens to find Zamorak thanking his aide, holding up a new and unfamiliar staff. Also, he sees Ellamaria and Alison, who are seen amongst the crowd of Zamorakians, with Roald. They witness as Zamorak finally murders Aidan, and then they flee with Roald, back to Varrock, where they are not seen for the rest of the book.


  • While Guthix Sleeps (First appearance)
  • Aidan Knight: The Edicts of Guthix
  • Aidan Knight: The Rise of Zamorak (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to be mentioned)