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God of nature and balance (Prior to First Age - ?)

"It is not often that a god such as myself associates so closely with a mortal..." -Guthix, on deities' relations with mortals.

Guthix is the god of nature and balance, and an exceptionally powerful being. Guthix lacks a gender, and so therefore is referred to as a capitalised "It", though It is often referred to as a male for convenience. Contrary to popular belief, It is not good, evil, or both, but merely balanced, and Its only goal being acquiring balance.

History of GuthixEdit

Guthix arrived on Gielinor before the First Age, where It found it as nothing as a blank plane, arriving as a lone butterfly. It also found the Stone of Jas, a result of the Elder Gods.

Guthix shaped and formed Gielinor into Its liking, by this time the land already being inhabited by other species, but also creating some, like the myriad, and also bringing some over, like the humans. It made runestones from the Stone of Jas, and then hid the Stone, before falling into a deep slumber.

However, Guthix awoke not long after to find Saradomin and Zamorak causing utmost chaos upon Gielinor in their God Wars. The other deities apparently did not know of Guthix's presence or existence before It awoke to put a stop to the God Wars.

Guthix forbade all of the gods from directly interfering with the inhabitants of RuneScape (RuneScape having replaced Gielinor by the speakers of the common tongue, an apparent easier word to pronounce), except through their followers. Binding the Edicts of Guthix together, It proclaimed that all god wars must be fought on the God Realm, no place other.

After doing so, Guthix began to descend back into his sleep, but paused to look over the land It had founded. Seeing its ruined state, Guthix began to wept, and Its tears imbued a nearby stone. It assigned Juna the snake to guard the rock and determine who was worthy enough to pass.

Though being the god of balance, Guthix prefers no god's opinions over another, though Its followers tend to traverse either more toward the path of chaos and destruction, or the path of order and wisdom. Guthix favours the land to be shared, and that the gods may roam free. However, Saradomin strongly disagrees as he does not want Zamorak to roam the lands.

While Guthix SleepsEdit

Despite being the title character, Guthix does not have a very large role in While Guthix Sleeps. It first appears in chapter 6, in a flashback to the year 139. It is seen going to Roald Remanis for help, a then-professor of the Duel Arena School. Guthix tells Roald of how Zamorak is after It and Its shard, and probably the Infinity Charm. Roald wonders why Guthix has anything to worry about, for It is a god and therefore immortal, though Guthix expresses concern of the Stone of Jas's current situation.

Zamorak arrives on the beach on which Roald and Guthix are talking, as Guthix teleports to Lumbridge. Zamorak interrogates Roald, and finally learns that Guthix had teleported to Lumbridge. Meanwhile, Guthix is seen running into the Church of Saradomin, to speak with Saradomin himself. Saradomin reassures Guthix that It has nothing to worry about, since Zamorak is blinded by power and evil to know any true magic.

However, Zamorak breaks into the church and demands Saradomin hand Guthix over, and upon Zamorak mentioning the Infinity Charm, Saradomin's eyes widen in realisation.

Growling with anger, Zamorak casts a spell into the air and the church begins to collapse. He flees, as Saradomin escape out a back door, but Guthix is trapped and is crushed by the falling ceiling.

Guthix later appears in the present-day, in chapter 9, in which It is residing in a coffin in the middle of the Asgarnian Woods. Next to Its coffin is a mysterious, glowing green portal. As Aidan Knight approaches it, it disappears, and the Stone of Jas emerges from the ground.

Guthix and Roald, who had been conversing with each other, turn in shock at Aidan's finding. Guthix is ecstatic that Aidan had found the Stone of Jas, despite knowing it was there all along. Roald, on the other hand, seems unchanged, and he and Guthix continue talking.

Later during the Castle War, Guthix shoots out of the God Charm, landing upon the Stone of Jas in the centre of the Castle Wars Arena. It does not speak, however, but Zamorak is annoyed at Aidan for reuniting the gods.

As Zamorak is about to kill Aidan, Saradomin disarms Zamorak, and Aidan wins the match, defeating Zamorak, as Guthix and the rest of the gods shoot back into the Charm.

Aidan Knight: The Edicts of GuthixEdit

Guthix is far more spoken of and seen in this novel. The tension between King Roald Remanis and the city of Morytania is rising, and a war is growing ever nearer. By not beginning a war with the Morytanians, Roald is supposedly violating the Edicts of Guthix, a set of decrees bound by Guthix after the last God Wars.

Guthix appears in the tenth chapter, Guthix Reawakened. In this chapter, the Varrockian knights, sent out on the twenty-second of Wintumber, finally arrive in Morytania. The two cities battle, as the Zamorak's Zamorakians arrive at the scene, overpowering all of them. The Morytanians retreat, and King Simivance commands the knights to leave, back to Varrock.

Zamorak congratulates his followers, telling them to go back to the encampment. He then approaches Aidan Knight, and he requests to duel a respectable duel, without any help from anyone else, as had been done numerous times in the past. However, as he says this, a voice echoes across Gielinor, stating that Zamorak shall not commit anymore needless murder upon the land of RuneScape.

After which, a Guthix raptor bursts from the ground, the Stone of Jas erupting out right after it, and the bird lands atop the Stone, as ribbons encircle it, and Guthix appears standing on top of the Stone of Jas.

Zamorak is in shock, because he thought he had killed Guthix back in the Church of Saradomin, back in 139. However, Guthix proclaims that It is a god, that It is immortal, and It cannot die. Though, Guthix quickly dismisses all the small talk, as that was not why Its presence was required.

Roald exclaims in denial, but Guthix explains that it was actually not Roald who was violating the Edicts, but actually Simivance, as the edict was actually not to start a war with Morytania.

As an edict was violated, Guthix proceeds to do what It had been destined to do should the Edicts ever be violated: remake Gielinor into the empty, blank plane that it was back when it was found, despite the possibility of killing all of its inhabitants in the process.

Guthix transforms back into the Guthix raptor, and the bird flies into the air, screeching, and then it explodes, an explosion so incredible that it destroys the world, killing nearly all of its people, and destroying all of its buildings.

Book IIIEdit

"I am Lord Guthix of Gielinor... I am the Master of One Thousand Curses; look upon my works, and in my midst, TREMBLE!" -Guthix demonstrates Its power and dominance to Zamorak and Aidan Knight.

Guthix appears in the latter half of the final book. Its first appearances happens to be in a dream of Aidan Knight, in which it is shown that Guthix visits Roald Remanis after the latter and Aidan return from the God Wars Dungeon; they speak of Guthix's intentions on destroying Its brethren, the other gods, as well as Roald's seemingly destruction of the God Wars Dungeon.

Though Aidan does not remember the dream when he wakes up, Guthix soon arrives in his house to speak with Aidan about Zamorak, the Stone of Jas, and how the two are so closely related.

Later, as Zamorak attacks the city of Varrock in order to seize it, Aidan Knight, and its citizens, Guthix arrives in the Kings' Council courtroom while Zamorak and Aidan are fighting for the Staff of Armadyl. When Zamorak touches the Stone of Jas, attaining immense power, he announces the incantation, "I am Lord Zamorak of the Mahjarrat, Master of One Thousand Curses. Look up my works and dispair!", Guthix arrives to scold Zamorak, and then the god of nature and balance demonstrates Its own powers by announcing that only It is the Lord of RuneScape, that only It is the master of one thousand curses, and that everyone must look upon Its works and tremble in Its midst.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Guthix actually has no true appearance, as It is a shapeshifter, and can be whatever It wishes. When It first found Gielinor, It had arrived as a mere butterfly. Guthix also once turned into a raptor, in order to destroy the world.

However, the god of nature and balance usually appears in Its human form. When in that form, It appears as a male-looking human, with wild green hair, and sweeping green robes.

Guthix always appeared as a floating skull, with hair-like tendrils floating out from it, in the God Letters from Postbag From the Hedge.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Despite the second novel being originally titled Through the Eyes of Guthix, the book really has nothing to do with seeing through Guthix's eyes, or for that matter, even having anything to do with eyes. The only time the word "eye" makes a real appearance is in reference to the Stone of Jas, or, the Eye of Saradomin.


  • While Guthix Sleeps (First appearance)
  • Aidan Knight: The Edicts of Guthix
  • Aidan Knight: The Rise of Zamorak (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to return)