Juna is a nature spirit and Guardian of Guthix that lives in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.


During the Third Age there was a great war among the gods. When Guthix awoke, he put a stop to the violence, then returned to sleep again. However, as he descended to the depths, he took pause to rest. Thinking of the destruction that had been brought on the world he created, Guthix wept and, as a result of his deep grief, the very rocks wept with him. Realising that his essence had become a part of the rocks, Guthix assigned Juna to guard the spot and judge who was worthy to enter.

Over the many years since then, Juna has become a bit bored and loves to hear stories of the world above. Of course, the more experienced adventurers will just have that much more to talk to her about.

Through the Eyes of GuthixEdit

During the events of Wintumber 169, Zamorak paid a visit to Juna. He and his apprentice went to see the snake in order to retrieve the Varrock Census from the Blue Moon Inn, where it was inadvertantly left after Zamorak murdered the bartender and then fled with his apprentice. Juna agreed to the task, stating that she keeps very well hidden, being a snake, and was helped across the chasm my the apprentice.

Later, once King Roald had been banished from his kingship, Zamorak's apprentice had taken throne. Juna was present in the king's study while Zamorak was talking and the apprentice was reading "Dark Magic and How to Use It". Juna had soon become sick of Zamorak's short temper and evilness, and had eventually left after Zamorak had killed a guard that had come bearing a message for the king.

After Aidan Knight is captured by Zamorak's aide, Juna returns to the scene through some kind of teleportation ball, a glowing green ball of light. She and Zamorak shortly converse, until she finally says that if no one else was going to finish Zamorak, she would do it herself. Just as she struck Zamorak, his aide came running out from the crowd and shot an unidentified spell at her, causing her to be forced away from the god and thrown over the trees and out of sight.

It is unknown whether she had succeeded in getting the book, and it is also unknown where she had gone after leaving Zamorak.


  • Through the Eyes of Guthix (First appearance)