The' 'Kings' Council was created by the Elders of Avarrocka, then known as the Council of Avarrocka. The Council consisted of all of the Elders- Tarrlo Remanis, Damar Leptoc, Khom Prysin, Dathero Raispher, Marv Halen, Romone Ravitz, Laris Gontamue. It is unknown where the trials took place, but they were eventually held deep under the Varrock Castle, even under the sewers. Today, the Council only consists of rulers with the title of 'King', but does not include the following: King Arthur (was part of the Council, only until late 168) and King Awowogei.

The main purpose of the Kings' Council is to hold trials for law-breakers around RuneScape. The trials are not usually as long as real life court trials, due to the fact that the High Chairman, Mr. Simivance, is extremely biast and looks down upon the criminals, calling them "peasants".

The High Chairman of the Council was King Simivance (known as Mr. Simivance in the novels) from 1930 of the Fourth Age to 169 of the Fifth Age, who was the king of kings on RuneScape. He is hated by King Roald of Misthalin for his outrageous views. It is never clearly stated how the other kings feel about him. Simivance first took the throne of king of kings from the his father, Adlac Simivance, around the year 1930 of the Fourth Age. He is succeeded by King Roald Remanis III.

When Simivance first took throne in 1930, the kings were: King Healthorg, King Baxtorian, and King
Claudius; it was a very small Council as RuneScape didn't have as many kings before the humans prospered near the end of the Fourth Age and beginning of the Fifth Age.

Throughout While Guthix Sleeps, there were only one trial a week. Ever since the downfall of Zamorak in the summer of 169 of the Fifth Age, the number of trials were bumped up to four. While the reasons for this is unknown, it's possible that there were many break-ins to Misthalin and Varrock, due to the fact ID were needed to enter the kingdom, thus resulting in more laws being broken and therefore more trials.

Known membersEdit

  • Adlac Simivance II (High Chairman; 1930, 4A - 169, 5A)
  • Roald Remanis III (High Chairman; 170, 5A - ?)
  • King Bolren
  • King Gjuki Sorvott IV
  • King Lathas
  • King Narnode Shareen
  • King Vallance
  • King Vargas
  • King Arthur (defected)
  • King Healthorg (deceased)
  • King Baxtorian (deceased)
  • King Claudius Remanis (deceased)

Known trialsEdit

Known guestsEdit

  • Aidan Knight


  • King Arthur's trial in mid-169 was the 422nd trial ever. This seems incredibly low, since they were held once a week, making that the eighth year since the forming of the Council. However, it's possible that they weren't always once a week, and/or there has been 422 trials since the first trial of the Fifth Age.
  • King Roald's trial on Wintumber 22nd, 169, was the 502nd trial, meaning there has been 80 trials in just a five month period. His case number was 623.
  • It is known that there are thirteen members of the Kings' Council (not including the High Chairman), but there are not thirteen known kings in RuneScape.


  • While Guthix Sleeps (First appearance)
  • Through the Eyes of Guthix
  • Aidan Knight: The Wrath of Zamorak (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to return)