The trial of Roald Remanis III, known as case 623 in the Council's documents, was a trial concerning the eviction of King Roald III of Misthalin. According to Mr. Simivance, the reason for evicting Roald's kingship was due to the fact that the king had gone against the Edicts of Guthix. The edict he had broken was one concerning a war with Morytania. As well as this, Roald suspected he finally broke the line with Simivance the night before the trial, in which he had yelled at the king of kings and ordered him to leave his city.

The trial was short, but nothing close to sweet. It consisted of Simivance's reading of the accusation, the kings' verdict, and then Roald being escorted from the courtroom, after being called a peasant by Simivance.

Direct accusation and verdictEdit

Accusation: Former king of Misthalin, Roald Remanis III, was sent a letter of recognition and eviction of his kingship at precisely five o'clock a.m., Wintumber 22nd. Accusation: Staying against the Edicts' demands. Consequence: Ten to twenty years in the Council cells if not out of city by midnight of the 23rd, or if the next king does not follow out his orders.

Verdict: Agreed. [Guilty]