Merlin can be found in his workshop on the second floor access via the main staircase to the north-west then go south-east, in the Camelot Castle.

He was first mentioned in Through the Eyes of Guthix, just before King Roald performs a three-way teleport. Before Roald, Merlin was the only one to have accomplished the feat without any injuries. He was later mentioned again while Roald and Aidan Knight were "camping" in the Asgarnian Woods, on the search for Zamorak; he was the one who repaired Roald's Master wand after it was cracked due to repelling the highly dangerous Vengeance spell.

Merlin was the inventor of the Killing Curse, in the fifth year of the First Age. He originally told no one of its existance, and rarely ever used it, but his secret was revealed ten years later in the fifteenth year, causing thousands of deaths. It soon became known to Guthix, at which time it was banned from ever being used, and Merlin was incarcerated in the Temple of Ikov. Soon after, however, he was broken out of his prison by King Arthur, then king of Camelot; Arthur invited Merlin to stay in his castle, and Merlin obliged.

However, Merlin only stayed there for a short while, after which he left to live life on his own, not to be seen or heard from for another twenty years.

Sometime between the time he left and the time that Arthur was banished from his kingship for attempted murder, Merlin returned to live in the Camelot Castle, residing in the highest castle.


  • Through the Eyes of Guthix (First mentioned) (Mentioned as "mage")