Roald Remanis II (d. 159) was the previous king of the kingdom of Misthalin, and was the father of Roald Remanis III.


Roald Remanis II was born sometime in the early Fifth Age, or else late Fourth Age. He had only one child, Roald Remanis III, and was the ruler of Misthalin until the year 159, when he died.

Not much is known about Roald's early life, nor is it known whether or not he was a respected king, but after the incident with Aidan Knight, he did threaten execution to any newsstand that attempted to sell a story about it.

During this particular event at the Duel Arena School, after his son summoned him to the scene, Roald quickly arrived to help is son in wiping Aidan's memory. After bringing the boy to an unknown meadow, they successfully did so.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The only given physical appearance of Roald is that he closely resembles his son, or rather his son closely resembles him, and he bore long green robes and a crown. He was known to have owned a wand.


  • While Guthix Sleeps (First mentioned)
  • Through the Eyes of Guthix (First appearance) (Appears in flashbacks)
  • Aidan Knight: The Wrath of Chaos (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to be mentioned in flashbacks)