Roald Remanis III
100px-King Roald


1 Rintra, Year 1, Fifth Age

Also known as

Your Kind Kinglyness

His Most Honourable King Roald

Our glorious king

Your Majesty

Your Honourable King Roald




High Chairman of Kings' Council



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Family members

Tarrlo Remanis

Claudius Remanis

Botolph Remanis

Roald Remanis I

Roald Remanis II

Alison Remanis


Professor at Duel Arena School (? - 159)

King of Misthalin (159 - 169) (Banished)

King of Misthalin (170 - ?) (Reinstated)

High Chairman of Kings' Council (170 - ?)

King Roald Remanis III (1 Rintra, 1 5A), more commonly known simply as King Roald, is the current ruler of the prosperous kingdom of Misthalin. His residence is within Varrock Castle, where the Varrock Palace Secret Guard work to keep him safe.


King Roald is the son of King Roald II, the previous king of Misthalin, prior to the year 159. Little is known about his early life, but he worked as a teacher for sometime, and married Ellarmaria in the year 147.

Roald became king of Misthalin in year 159 of the Fifth Age, when his father died. The Census of Varrock from year 160 states his profession to be 'Our glorious king'. Roald is shown to be a good friend of the duke of Lumbridge, Duke Horacio. So good of a friend that while he, Aidan Knight, and Seth Fortis were on the run from Zamorak, Horacio warmly welcomed them into his castle, despite it being well past midnight.

Since his rise to the position of king, many people have accepted Roald III as a generally good ruler. Under his
rule, the city of Varrock has prospered greatly, and has seen the renovation of the Varrock Museum and the
famous Grand Exchange. Misthalin as a whole has also benefited, seeing such movements as the incorporation of Edgeville and the construction of the Misthalin Training Centre of Excellence.

There are certain groups that feel Roald is weak in the face of the Church of Saradomin, and others that would
go so far as to see him assassinated. His hesitance in matters such as the recent conflicts with Morytania have earned him many enemies. However, it is a time of turmoil for the king, what with recent activities in the
Wilderness, and the ever-growing threat of war with the east, it is no surprise he has been struggling. To
combat these threats, the king opened the Beacon Network, which people can help out with in the All Fired Up
quest and corresponding activity, not daring to wage open war against Morytania lest the world once again
erupts into a second God Wars.

Family treeEdit

Tarrlo Remanis
Claudius (unconfirmed relation)
Botolph (unconfirmed relation)
Roald I
Roald II...............Peasants
Roald Remanis III - Ellamaria
................Alison Remanis................

Physical AppearanceEdit

Roald Remanis was tall, with somewhat of a beer-belly. He was almost always found in long, red velvet robes and his gold crown. He sported a goatee and had short, if not balding, hair. Roald was a trusting man and almost always kept his word, but seemed to break under intense situations.

By spring of 170, Roald had seemingly "lost control" of his goatee, as it was growing into something of a short beard, stubble running up his cheeks to his ears. He was also balding, though his gold king's crown hid it. To bed, he wore a deep-blue dressing gown.

Before Rangers' Bow and While Guthix SleepsEdit

The earliest appearance of Roald (in chronological order), was in the year 139. Roald appeared to be
waiting for an old friend of his on an island off the shores of Port Phasmatys. There, he was interrogated by
Zamorak on the whereabouts of Guthix, even put into an ice barriage and tortured.

The next time Roald was seen was 159, as a professor of the seventh year class. Schools back in 159
were very loose and did not care much about safety, as they were teaching about the Killing Curse to students
and even had students try and cast it themselves. However, when Roald unknowingly gave Aidan Knight a bewitched wand, when Aidan attempted to cast the Killing Curse, he was forced around by the wand and hit his father instead of the dummy. After this tramatizing incident, Roald and his father worked hard to wipe Aidan's memory of any recollection of the event, as well as any memories of his brother and father.

Rangers' BowEdit

King Roald sent a letter to his past student, Aidan Knight, in the year 168 regarding dinner and a new
quest. Aidan gathered two friends and went to have dinner with the king in his castle. After sending Aidan out
on his quest, not much is known about his actions. He doesn't appear again until after the events at the Grand
Exchange, where he hands Aidan his Quest Point cape.

While Guthix SleepsEdit

Roald had a much larger role in While Guthix Sleeps. He gives Aidan the quest of finding the three
god shards to form the God Charm, for he believes it holds dark secrets. After sending Aidan out to retrieve the
Guthix and Saradomin shards, he accompanies Aidan on his journey to get the shard of Zamorak. As they're
climbing down the rope, however, Aidan gets impatient with how long it's taking to get down to the bottom
of the chasm and loses his grip. As he hits the water, this tramatizing experience gives him back all of the
memories Roalds II and III had wiped from him. Once he regains conciousness, him and Roald battle the
legendary Zamorak boss, K'ril Tutsoroth.

After the 422nd Kings' Council Trial concerning the previous king of Camelot, King Arthur, King Roald
sends Aidan out to retrieve information about the Infinity charm, the charm that locks the three god shards
together, from the Fairy Queen. Aidan passed the information he got on to King Roald, and then they headed to
Port Phasmatys to watch a memory from Roald's past. This brings in the memory of Roald waiting for Guthix on a small island, and then the death of Guthix and the destroying of the Church of Saradomin.

Later, King Roald and Aidan and the small army of people compete in a Castle War between Zamorak.
Zamorak flees before the match is over, and Roald, Aidan and everyone else are rewarded with 20 tickets each
for their heroic actions. Back at Roald's study, Roald rewards Aidan with his Quest Point cape and the ability
to fight Tormented Demons. Upon being asked about whether or not Zamorak may return, King Roald responds
with, "I don't really know, Aidan. I guess we'll just have to wait. Wait while Guthix sleeps."

Aidan Knight: The Edicts of GuthixEdit

King Roald is introduced in the second chapter of Aidan Knight: The Edicts of Guthix, then around the time of
mid-Wintumber, 169. He had invited Aidan Knight over for breakfast that morning with the queen and the princess.

After breakfast, Roald takes Aidan into his study to talk about Zamorak. Aidan suggests using the Orb of Oculus to help locate Zamorak, but of course it doesn't show the god, instead it shows a projection of the Castle Wars arena, in which the Stone of Jas is apparently still being held even after five months. Roald is literally dumbstruck about the Orb's projection and does not invite Aidan back over for days to come, for he's deep in thought and pondering about what the Orb had done. On the 21st, however, he invites Aidan to come and have a drink at the Blue Moon Inn. Sitting down next to a mysterious hooded man, they discuss the Orb's outbreak and Roald's theory for said outbreak. Seconds after saying the name 'Zamorak', there comes an explosion from outside and they run out to find the city's apothecary destroyed and up in flames.

After it gets put out, Roald and Aidan go in to investigate. While in the owner's office, two mysterious
men emerge from green flames and grab them around their necks, saying "You don't have to cry about it", and
upon being asked what they want, one replies "You [(King Roald)]".

The king and Aidan head back to the Varrock castle and take a detour to speak with trusted knight, Sir Prysin.
King Roald requests Prysin search for Zamorak in well hidden areas, for he suspects Zamorak would not want to go into a popular city.

The next morning, Roald sends Aidan a letter concerning how he was forced to resign from being a king
and a trial will be held the morning at noon. Ever since the king resigned at five o'clock the morning of the 22nd,
Varrock citizens destroy the city. Aidan makes his way over to the castle to find a very sad and worried Roald.
They talk for hours about Zamorak until eventually it's time for the trial. Without any concent from Roald, king of
kings and high chairman, Mr. Simivance, banishes Roald from the kingdom.

When Roald and Aidan get back up to the study, they're ambushed by a mob and get knocked out.
Many hours later, they wake up in a dark cell in the middle of the Woods of Holly. They meet a prisoner named
Ezra, who had been there for ten years, ever since the day Roald III took throne as king. They escape and
journey through the woods until eventually finding a wanted sign with Roald upon it. They soon learn the sign
was put up by Zamorak, as he appears out of the sky. Zamorak casts Vengeance upon the three of them, but
Roald destroys the skull, even breaking his Master wand in the process. Zamorak casts the Killing Curse just as Roald performs a three-way teleport back to Varrock.

There, they find a destroyed and deserted city. They make their way up to the castle, which is also
ruined, to find the Kings' Council having their last meal before they depart in the dining hall. They also meet the
new king of Misthalin, a young man who is strangely familiar to Aidan. Simivance tells Roald that the queen has been locked up in the cells in the basement, hoping she'd be safer away from the mob. Roald goes down to the Council cells, only to find not only Ellamaria's cell broken, but previous king of Camelot, Arthur's cell as well.

Roald flees the scene with Aidan and they head to Aidan's house. Ezra departs and Roald stays at
Aidan's place for the night. Sir Prysin comes to Aidan's house, very tired, to tell them that Zamorak is residing in the Asgarnian Woods. Roald thanks Prysin and sends him to rest. The next morning, they head out to the woods, speaking heavily of Zamorak's past before he had became god.

The morning after that, which was Christmas morning, Roald gives Aidan a very rare Christmas cracker,
which had been dropped but nine years ago. They depart further into the woods and eventually sit down to rest.
Out of nowhere, two boulders come whistling out of the air, one landing on the log Roald was sitting on, sending him flying, and another sinking into the ground in front of Aidan's log. Aidan falls into the hole and Roald comes running after him.

They wake up many hours later tied up onto poles. They find themselves in the center of Zamorak's
encampment. Aidan has been stripped of his clothes, because he wore blue and since that was the color of
Saradomin, Zamorak burned them. Zamorak gives Aidan some tattered old robes and leaves to chew out some of his Zamorakians for standing around.

Seth comes to rescue both Aidan and Roald, and they split up in order to make it harder for Zamorak's
followers to find them. Seth and Roald soon reunite with Aidan and they go to the home of Filliman Tarlock,
hoping he can help them get back to Varrock. They find the dead body of Filliman Tarlock, and after Aidan is
exposed to a memory of the incident, he passes out and they help him up to Morytania. They finally reach Canifis when it is almost dawn (they left late the night before).

Roald is up in the second floor of the loud and boisterous pub, reading a book. Aidan finally wakes up
at about eight o'clock that night and sits with Roald and they converse about Morytania, Filliman, and Zamorak. Finishing up his conversation, Roald comes to the conclusion that him, Aidan, and Seth should go to Lumbridge and take refuge with Duke Horacio, as the duke had originally arranged for Roald to stay with him after the latter's banishment.

Roald and Aidan head across town to the local rune shop, in the hope to meet Roald's good friend, Avery. However, when they arrive, Avery is not the one running the shop that night, but an apparently very ugly woman. Avery has fallen ill and this woman has taken over for the night. They order the runes, and Roald talks shortly with her about himself, thinking she does not know he is actually Roald. But after she openly states that he is Roald Remanis, loud footsteps can be heard outside as the ground begins to shake.

Outdoors, the knights of Varrock can be seen charging to Canifis, being led by the king of kings, Mr. Simivance. The Zamorakians soon arrive and the two opposing sides battle. Simivance breaks from the crowd to personally duel with Roald, attempting many times to kill him. Seth is also outside with his abyssal whip, and the townspeople and werewolves come to join the fight.

The Varrockians' numbers are greatly reduced and when Zamorak arrives at the fold, Simivance orders his knights to retreat back to Varrock.

Zamorak commands his followers to go back to the encampment, kindly thanking them for their services. He speaks shortly with Roald and then turns to Aidan, ready to duel a respectable duel, without the help of Roald. However, when he says this, a voice can be heard, and the voice comes from none other than Guthix. Guthix arrives in the form of a Guthix raptor, and lands on the Stone of Jas, which has suddenly erupted from the ground.

Zamorak is shocked, and Guthix is ready to do what It came to do in the first place- remake the land of RuneScape due to the Edicts of Guthix being violated. Roald and Aidan learn that Roald had actually been following the Edicts, not wanting to start a war with Morytania, and Simivance had been the violator. Guthix believes Simivance knew this all along, and only said Roald was the violator because of his thirst for power.

Guthix speaks out across Gielinor, alerting them of his presence and then continues to remake RuneScape into a land never thought possible. When the ritual is finished, Guthix, Zamorak, and the Stone of Jas are all gone, leaving them in an empty plane, as though the land of Gielinor had never been created in the first place.

Roald later wakes up and finds Aidan unconscious and Seth asleep. He sees that the drunken townspeople had been crushed to death by their destroyed pub, and the native werewolves had been burned to death. Soon after, Aidan comes to and the two agree on going to Lumbridge to stay with Duke Horacio. After Roald rearranges the earth where the Stone of Jas had sunken into the ground, as to not cause suspicion and have someone inadvertantly find the Stone, they are ready to teleport to Lumbridge. However, they are nearly cut short when a Teleportation Association of RuneScape worker comes hurrying their way, shouting at them. They ignore him and leave to Lumbridge.

They hurry into the castle, as the Association would soon be on his way, and meet up with Duke Horacio. After a short conversation and reuniting moment between Roald and Horacio, they head off to bed.

The next morning, while Roald and Horacio are having breakfast and speaking of the former's knights and how they were inducted in the Varrock Guard, Seth and Aidan leave to go investigate outside. A while later, Roald and Horacio find them in the Al Kharid Palace by teleporting there and they leave to go to Rellekka, to speak with Brundt the Chieftain about the queen and princess.

Once in Rellekka, they take a boat to Jatiszo to go deep into the bowels of the bank, and into Brundt's vault, to speak privately. Brundt recalls how Ellamaria and Alison came through Rellekka, but before he could go out and stop them, a large hooded man came and took them. The only one other than Brundt who had seen the ordeal was Peer the Seer. The seer made a prediction about the future, which Brundt highly doubted, involving a bright white light, an altar, and triumphant, as well as horrified, screams. Little did any of them know, that prediction would soon come true.

They soon depart and head back to Lumbridge. When they arrive there, they find the wall surrounding the castle completely destroyed, and the whole top story of the castle blown off. Inside, they find the cook dead, blood spewing from his chest. When Aidan goes to pick up the spatula that is in the cook's hand, which had been bewitched by Zamorak to show them the incident, they are shown a vision of Zamorak killing the chef for not giving him any information on the whereabouts of Aidan Knight.

The next morning they hold a short burial for the chef in the Church of Saradomin graveyard, and then have breakfast. After Aidan comes to the conclusion that they were getting nowhere with finding the queen and princess by just sitting in Lumbridge, he confronts the once-king. Roald sees no reason in going to Varrock, knowing it is deserted. Infuriated, both by Roald's refusal and Seth's desicion to stay in Lumbridge, Aidan flees the scene to go to Varrock by himself.

Sometime between Aidan's departure and the incident in Zamorak's encampment, Roald is captured and brought to the encampment. There, he watches as Zamorak and his aide converse shortly, and then as Juna the snake arrives at the scene. Roald learns that Zamorak had been the one that told Simivance to violate the Edicts, and as Juna attacks Zamorak, Zamorak's aide makes his way from the crowd to blast the snake off of his master.

In this moment's hesitation in which Aidan watches as Juna goes flying into the air, Zamorak throws his staff (which is revealed to be the Staff of Armadyl) at Aidan, which impales him. After Aidan falls to the ground, defeated, Zamorak sends his followers to gather the other kings of RuneScape, and then he turns on Roald. Zamorak wishes to duel, but Roald says that then is not the time, after which he leaves with his wife and daughter.


  • As of the third and final book, King Roald is seventy years old, being born on the first day of the first month of the Fifth Age. His birthday is the real-world equivalent of 1 January.


  • Rangers' Bow (First appearance)
  • While Guthix Sleeps
  • Aidan Knight: The Edicts of Guthix
  • Aidan Knight: The Rise of Zamorak (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to return)