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O Great One


God of order, pleasantry, and wisdom (Second Age - ?)

Saradomin is known to be the god of order, pleasantry, and wisdom. He is normally associated with being a god of "peace", though he denies these assumptions. He is known to be male, and is good friends with the king of Misthalin, King Roald Remanis III.

History of SaradominEdit

In his mortal days, Saradomin was a human. He first arrived on Gielinor in the Second Age, taking his first step on the island known as Entrana. Though later this incident was known to make Entrana the holiest of all lands, as it was there where Saradomin took his first steps on Gielinor, at the time, the citizens considered him a regular human passing through the Portal of Life.

Saradomin considered himself young, restless, and bold as an adventurer, and he wanted to make a name for himself. The best way to do this, he soon realised, was to become a god. Thus, he began studying the history of Gielinor, and about some of the current gods at that time, such as Guthix and Zaros, and he decided he could make the land into his known and conquer it for good. Regardless, he knew he could not do this whilst a mortal, so he sought the legendary Stone of Jas, the, according to him, most powerful object in existence.

He revealed after decades of searching, he found the Stone in an underground dungeon in Forinthry, what was later known as the Wilderness. With it, he took as much power as he could, and also happened to become immortal.

Though with his great power came great complications: he could not execute his full powers through his mere mortal staff! Almost instantly, he began searching for the Staff of Armadyl, the weapon of the god Armadyl, which had been stowed away in a dungeon unknown.

Unfortunately, he could not let his followers know about this, because he had gotten what he had wanted: respect, followers, and power. So, he put his trust in his most loyal of follower, one known as Valdez, late in the Second Age. He commanded the follower to obtain the Staff and bring it to the god, and so he watched Valdez on his journey across Gielinor, and eventually watched as he found the Staff in the Temple of Ikov.

Heading back to Saradomin's headquarters in Hallowvale, however, Valdez was attacked by a thief, who stole the Staff, and which soon ended up in the hands of none other than Zamorak.

Saradomin admits that his power, his having Valdez find the Staff, could be the reason why Zamorak was as powerful as he was in the Fifth Age. Considering it his greatest mistake, he retreated to another realm in grief, and opened it for mortals to come to when they die, and allowing them to spend the rest of eternity upon it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Saradomin was always described as having sweeping white robes, a glistening bald head, and a flowing white beard. Though the god of pleasantry and order, order does not always mean good: he was known to become quite angry at people, such as when Aidan Knight, Matthew, and Mark broke into his castle to speak with him; he repeated everything they said to him a very loud, angry tone, and proceeded to banish Matthew and Mark from his castle and repaired his castle in a flash. Nevertheless, whilst recalling particularly grevious memories, he was shown to be on the verge of tears, as was the case when he revealed his full history to Aidan Knight.


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