Staff of Armadyl

The Staff of Armadyl is an extraordinarily powerful staff that once belonged to the god Armadyl. The Staff, along with the Stone of Jas, is capable of giving one near-godlike powers.

Background and HistoryEdit

The godstaff of Armadyl belonged to the god of purity and justice, Armadyl. It is an extremely powerful god-weapon and has a very important role in the history of Gielinor. It is not known when or how it was created, but at some point it was placed in the Temple of Ikov, guarded by the Guardians of Armadyl, for safekeeping.

As Saradomin grew stronger and stronger, already having achieved godhood, he admitted that his own staff could not fully execute his godly powers. Thus, he concluded that he must find the legendary Staff of Armadyl; however, he could not get into the Temple of Ikov himself, so he hired a trusted follower, Valdez, to steal the Staff and bring it back to him.

Sadly, as Valdez was bringing the Staff back to Saradomin, he was ambushed by a thief, and the Staff was subsequently stolen from him, much to Saradomin's dismay. The thief apparently brought the Staff to Zamorak, a then-Mahjarrat, and a Zarosian general, who wanted to overthrow the god Zaros.

Lennissa, a Saradomin follower who was spying at Zamorak's camp, became aware of the theft of the Staff, and she immediately went to the wizard Dhalak, so that he could inform Saradomin about what happened. However, Dhalak, who also wanted to make Zaros fall from his throne, cast a spell over the Staff so that it could easily go close enough to Zaros' castle without Zaros noticing its power.

Zamorak, who was now able to get close enough to Zaros, launched an attack on his castle. Zamorak's followers (including the most other Mahjarrat, as well as Lord Draken, Viggora, and Thammaron), distracted Zaros' body guards while Zamorak fought against Zaros. Zamorak was able to stab Zaros in the back with the Staff, but Zaros just continued the fight, and when Zaros grabbed Zamorak's throat, he stumbled in such a way that Zamorak was impaled with the Staff too.

In this way, Zaros' power flowed through the Staff into Zamorak. Zaros slowly dissapeared from the world, cursing everyone responsible for his banishment to remain on this world as invisible ghosts. Later Zamorak was also banished from the world by the other gods because he killed one of their kind.

However, Zamorak quickly returned to Gielinor as a god himself, and he declared war upon the other gods. This was how the God Wars started.

Years later, the Staff was placed back in the Temple of Ikov, with its guardians still protecting it. At some point Lucien stole the Staff for himself and decided to keep it in the temple, however, with more than just the guardians protecting it, while he searched for the Stone of Jas to attain godhood much like Zamorak did. Zamorak, wanting to kill Aidan Knight once and for all, and unable to do so with his own staff, stole the Staff of Armadyl for himself once again from the Temple of Ikov.


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