The Varrock Guard, also known as the Varrock City Guard, is the primary military and police force of Varrock, the capital of Misthalin. The Guard's presence can be seen throughout the city, although its focus can mainly be found near areas of heavy traffic or in areas occupied by the city's nobility.

Unlike many cities such as Falador and East Ardougne, who depend largely on knights for protection, Varrock's military presence is expressed mainly through its guards. The city also maintains a number of other military forces, including an order of knights (the only known example of which is Sir Prysin), the Varrock Palace Secret Guard, and a group of trained warrior women.

Casualties within the Varrock Guard are heavy, and as such charity groups such as the Varrockian Guards' Widows & Orphans Fund work to compensate the families of those soldiers lost while on duty.

Known MembersEdit

Aside from the many guards found patrolling Varrock, a number of specific guardsmen can also be found seeing to certain specific duties within the city.

  • Captain Milo Rovin: The Guard's current leader. Rovin oversees all major aspects of the Guard's operation in and around Varrock, and can be found close to King Roald Remanis III and the rest of the city's royal family in the Varrock Castle.
  • Treznor Withings: A guardsman working in Varrock Palace. Treznor helps to maintain the Palace garden, and can be found near the garden's tree patch.
  • Eustace Forthwright
  • Tobias Hills
  • Stephan Scorsby
  • Hartwin Prim: An undercover scout charged with monitoring activity in the Wilderness immediately north of Varrock.
  • Seth Fortis: A very loyal guard of Varrock who rescued King Roald and Aidan Knight from Zamorak's encampment, and accompanied them throughout their run from Zamorak and their search for the queen and princess.
  • Sir Ehntor Prysin: Sir Prysin, though a knight, is another devoted member of the Varrock Guard. He is the grandson of Waldo, and he searched for Zamorak under King Roald's orders. However, under the influence of a memory charm, Prysin reported back to Roald telling him that Zamorak was in the Asgarnian Woods, when in reality he was not, leading the king and Aidan into a surprise ambush.
  • Trainee Guards: Young recruits training on the Palace roof. Trainee guards must become proficient in combat and law before entering active duty.
  • Market Guard: A guard currently working to maintain peace in Varrock Square, where traders often come to sell their wares.

Past MembersEdit

  • Quist Fortis: The father of Seth Fortis, and a guard for King Roald II; when his son was born, he immediately inducted him to the Guard, even though King Roald III was planning on letting him in anyway when he became king.
  • Armillis Knight: The father of Aidan and Amicard Knight, he was a very devoted guard for King Roald II; he was inadvertently killed by his youngest son, Aidan.
  • Ezra (claimed): Ezra claimed that he had been a member of the Varrock Guard, though neither King Roald III or any other guard has confirmed it. He claimed to have been given a special medal from King Roald II, which said "Greatest Knight" on it. He had also said that King Roald had sent him on mission in Canifis, but had been swayed into a bar by the citizens, and drunk all night, resulting in a terrible hangover the next morning.