Zamorak's aide, also known as the tall, muscular man, is a very devoted follower of Zamorak. Originally he considered himself a henchman, but after a number a days, he grew close to the god and became a follower.

Through the Eyes of GuthixEdit

Zamorak's aide first appeared in the first chapter of Through the Eyes of Guthix, At the Blue Moon, with the short, fat man. He, the fat man, and Zamorak conversed at the bar of the inn for a long while about the Book of Names, Zamorak's apprentice, and a number of other things. After the bartender realised who hid under the hood of Zamorak's robes, Zamorak killed the bartender, all of the drunken men in the bar, and left with his apprentice, presumably leaving both the tall, muscular man and the short, fat man with the guards that had come to investigate.

The man does not appear again until the sixth chapter of Through the Eyes of Guthix, where he is seen taking part in the Zamorkian meeting in the Varrock Sewers. After Juna reports that they are alone in the sewers, the apprentice says that he has found a clearing in the Mort Myre Swamp, where they can set up a new camp. Zamorak is proud, and he tells everyone but his aide to go to the new land; he summons his aide and they climb up the ladder and examine Aidan Knight's house shortly, before turning and walking back down the east path, south.

The tall, muscular man is seen later in the book in the beginning of the tenth chapter, where he is speaking with Zamorak about Aidan Knight and Roald Remanis. Zamorak suspects that they are heading to Varrock, but his aide says that the townspeople will drive them out of the city before they can do anything. Zamorak replies with saying that Varrock is deserted, after which the tall man suggests that they get there before Roald does. Zamorak considers this theory, just as the story cuts back to Aidan.

Zamorak's aide likely took part in the Battle of Canifis, until he and the rest of the Zamorakians were commanded back to the encampment. Despite his high rank in the Zamorakian army, he probably was punished along with the rest of them for not killing King Simivance.

After many failed attempts at killing Aidan Knight, Zamorak believes that his own staff is not powerful enough to kill him, so he sets out to find the Staff of Armadyl. After he finds it hidden in the Temple of Ikov, he decides to give his own staff to his aide.

In the very next chapter, the sixteenth chapter, while Aidan and Ezra enjoy a bowl of porridge each for breakfast, the door breaks opens as two men come rushing in, one of them being the tall, muscular man. Aidan is blown backwards and awakens later in a familiar wood, the Mort Myre Swamp. As he sits up, he sees Zamorak and his aide speaking over their own staffs, Zamorak with the Staff of Armadyl, and his aide with his master's old staff.

Soon afterward, Juna the snake returns to the fold as she tells Zamorak that she is sick of his reign of terror, and she attacks him. With no time to lose, the tall man comes running out from the crowd of Zamorakians and blows the snake off of his master, and as Aidan watches Juna fly over the trees, Zamorak hurdles his staff at Aidan, impaling him through the chest.

After the death of Aidan Knight, Zamorak's aide starts to fear for his own safety now that Zamorak has taken control of RuneScape and has more free time on his hands now that he has defeated his worst enemy. He follows his master down to the Varrock Sewers where the kings are being held captive. After a short conversation with them, he orders his followers to release them, teleporting away, leaving his aide with the rest of them.

Book IIIEdit

Zamorak's aide his introduced in the first chapter of the final novel, Aidan Knight Remembered, in which, after Zamorak finishes an article written by Reldo Trimmley about Aidan, he and Zamorak talk about a number of things.

Appearing again in the second chapter, he follows Zamorak up a set of stairs in disbelief over what his master is about to do.


  • Through the Eyes of Guthix (First appearance)
  • Aidan Knight: The Wrath of Chaos (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to return)