Zamorak's apprentice


Prior to mid-Wintumber, 146


Bennath, 170

Also known as








Apprentice of Zamorak (169 - 25 Wintumber, 169)

King of Misthalin (Wintumber, 169 - Wintumber, 169)

Zamorak's apprentice (c. prior to mid-Wintumber, 146-Bennath, 170), known as 'Apprentice' by Zamorak, was the apprentice of the god Zamorak. He washired shortly after Zamorak's downfall in the summer of 169. He was known to have stolen the Varrock Census, or Book of Names, from the Varrock Castle Library mid-Wintumber of 169 for Zamorak. Other than this, it is unknown how else he had helped Zamorak, other than helping Juna the snake across the Tears of Guthix chasm and unsuccesfully tending to an unconscious Arthur.

Rather than an actual apprentice, he was treated more as an assistant to Zamorak, though he denies it.
The only thing he had actually learned was a few things from a tiny black book entitled "Dark Magic and How to Use It". It is presumed that he helped in searching for Aidan Knight on Wintumber 26th and 27th since in the beginning of the tenth chapter of Through the Eyes of Guthix, it is said only two remained at the encampment (the tall, muscular man and the short, fat man; not including Zamorak, though he was there).

During the time when King Roald was banished from the kingship of Misthalin, the apprentice
was hired for the new king, despite his young age. It is even mentioned that Mr. Simivance wondered about his age but then didn't care, as long as they had a new king. However, his reign ended shortly after the Council's final meal.

When he tried to help Arthur after the latter had been knocked unconscious by an unnamed spell by Seth,
Zamorak thought it was his apprentice who had stunned Arthur, and the one to release Aidan and Roald, which
eventually led to his death in 170. Zamorak feared that the apprentice would get in his way for world domination
since he thought he helped Aidan, even with his pleas for mercy and attempts to tell Zamorak it wasn't him.

Physical appearanceEdit

In Aidan Knight: The Edicts of Guthix, the apprentice is described as having a tattered red top, with a hood sewn onto the back of it, black trousers. He was also clean-shaven, with a scraggly head of hair. By spring of 170, however, he looked quite gaunt, purple bags under his eyes and with a hunch. While previously having a scraggly head of hair, it had turned into a flowing mop.


  • Aidan Knight: The Edicts of Guthix (First appearance)
  • Aidan Knight: The Rise of Zamorak (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to return)