Zamorak's encampment is a camp where Zamorak and his followers resided during the events of Through the Eyes of Guthix. It was apparently founded by Zamorak's apprentice on or before Wintumber twenty-third, 169, after being told that the Zamorakians needed a more secluded spot for their secret meetings


Zamorak's encampment was founded by the apprentice of Zamorak in Wintumber, 169, since the Zamorakians needed a more secluded spot to reside and have their meetings. Previous to founding the land, the Zamorakian meetings were held in the Varrock Sewers.

The encampment was first mentioned in chapter six of Through the Eyes of Guthix, and later appeared in the tenth chapter. Aidan Knight and Roald Remanis were captured and brought here, where they were held captive for only a short while, after which they were rescued by Seth. Zamorak was enraged, and he commanded his followers to find them and bring them back to him. However, the Zamorakians failed in doing so, though their actions seemed to be redeemed after reducing the Varrockian army and holding Aidan Knight in Canifis.

It was later mentioned again after the Battle in Canifis, where Zamorak told his Zamorakians to return to the encampment and replenish themselves.

Unluckily for the Zamorakians, their master's pleasant behaviour seemed to be a ploy to get them to leave, because Aidan later witnessed Zamorak's fury for not killing King Simivance, which ended in one of them being killed by Zamorak and them all being bound to poles, useless, as Zamorak left to Lumbridge to find Aidan.

Aidan Knight ultimately was killed here after being captured by Zamorak's aide. Zamorak, unbearably ecstatic, commanded his followers to find the other kings of RuneScape as Roald Remanis himself fled with his wife and daughter.

Three months later, while Zamorak was working in the main tent, a group of men reported to him that a mysterious man had been sighted, whom many believe to be Aidan Knight. Zamorak, suddenly enraged, killed them all out of denial and left the encampment to go to the Asgarnian Woods to find out if what they had seen was real.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zamorak's encampment was a large encampment where Zamorak and his Zamorakians resided in Wintumber, 169. In the centre of the camp were two large fires, over one of which was a rotating pork roast. Encompassing the camp were many tents where, presumably, the Zamorakians lived and socialised. However, the point of the encampment seemed much more than just a living sanctuary, as Zamorak constantly yelled at his followers to stop standing around and talking, implying that they all had certain jobs to do.

At the north end of the camp is the main tent. Inside is a long dining table where meeting and meals are held. Zamorak would work in here, examining maps of RuneScape, his aide usually at his side to converse and plan with.

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