Zamorakians is the name given to those who follow the god, Zamorak. Followers include humans, vampyres, Mahjarrat, and dwarves, but humans are featured prominently in the novels.

Treatment by ZamorakEdit

The Zamorakians seemingly are given no special treatment from Zamorak, despite being his followers. Only a select does Zamorak truly trust, those of whom include his aide and Yale.

An obvious example of his negligence is in chapter 6 of While Guthix Sleeps, in which he kills a follower just because he cannot come up with sufficient information over the theft of the Zamorak shard.

In the final book, after the destruction of the Stone of Jas, Zamorak, enraged, charges through the Kings' Council courtroom, and kills every follower in sight out of anger. Earlier in the novel, too, he kills a tent full of Zamorakians after they tell him that Aidan Knight has been spotted, alive and roaming RuneScape.

Feelings Toward ZamorakEdit

The Zamorakians do not seem to care anymore for Zamorak as their master cares for them. Nearly all of them were drawn to Zamorak's evilness, but the reality of being his followers terrified all. They all fear to defect, as they all know of their master's powers and do not want to be killed.

Yale and Zamorak's aide were two followers who could look their master straight in the eye and not be on the verge of tears, much unlike the rest.

Most Zamorakians that are in the presence of Zamorak during one of his fits of rage and anxiety are often reduced to tears, spluttering for forgiveness, though Zamorak usually kills them anyway.

Known ZamorakiansEdit


  • While Guthix Sleeps (First appearance)
  • Through the Eyes of Guthix
  • Aidan Knight: The Wrath of Choas (Unconfirmed title) (Subject to return)